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Timers & Stopwatches

Display a countdown or stopwatch timer to your participants and control what happens when it runs out. 

Column name: timer
Required value: time in ms or XmYs format
Optional values:
  • label: Group consecutive trials that should be affected by the timer
  • skip: All remaining trials of the timed trial group are skipped when the timer expires
  • hide: Do not display a visible timer
  • [location]: specify where the timer should be displayed using one of these parameters:
    • bottomRight
    • bottomLeft
    • topRight (default)
    • topLeft
    • center
  • [size]: specify the size of your timer
    • s (default)
    • m
    • l
    • xl
  • stopwatch: Timer starts at 0 and counts up (default behaviour is countdown)
  • [color] last [time]: Specify a highlight color for the final seconds
Example cell: